Georgetown, Guyana – (August 8, 2016) First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, today, accepted an invitation from the Gordon Family and Friends of New Amsterdam to be the guest speaker at an education extravaganza that has been planned to promote literacy. The meeting was held at the Office of the First Lady at State House.

The group comprised Leader of the group, Ms. Marva Gordon, Ms. Catherine Archer, a former Regional Education Officer, Ms. Simone Dainty, Literacy Co-ordinator at the Department of Education in East Berbice-Corentyne (Region Six) and Ms. Janice John, a retired Headmistress.

“I am happy to participate in anything that assists in the education of children and in enabling them to grow and develop,” the First Lady said.

Mrs. Granger also said that she is particularly pleased that Ms. Gordon has engaged with the Ministry of Education to ensure that children in difficult circumstances are included in the programme.

In an invited comment, Ms. Gordon said, “Our main goal is to promote reading, literacy and numeracy”. She said that the group has been hosting this event for the past five years and the sessions are usually very interactive. Ms. Gordon said she expects that as guest speaker the First Lady will engage with the children and encourage them to continue to pursue learning.

The extravaganza will be hosted in early December in New Amsterdam.

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