Georgetown, Guyana – (April 29, 2016) Cabinet has granted its approval for the appointment of nine members to the Poor law Commission.

The members of the Commission are: Dr. Holly Alexander, Chairman, Ms. Simone Blair, Mr. Glen King, Ms. Hazel Pindar, Mr. Oswald Young, Ms. Sandra Roman, Ms. Simone Poole, Ms. Kathy Smith and Ms. Alana Da Silva.

The Commission is established in keeping with the Poor Relief Act which speaks to provisions for the poor.

It encompasses areas such as the alms houses, order for person requiring relief to be placed in alms house, provisions as to property of an inmate of an alms house, payment of expenses of poor relief, accounts, register of paupers, persons entitled to relief, settlement of relief list and remittances of amount required for poor relief to local boards among others.

The members of the Commission will serve for a period of two years with effect from April 01, 2016 through March 2018.

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