Georgetown, Guyana – (October 25, 2018) Minister of Public Affairs, Mrs. Dawn Hastings-Williams, yesterday, encouraged 148 Bartica youth who successfully completed the Board of Industrial Training’s (B.I.T) Sixth National Training Project for Youth Empowerment, to continue to invest in their futures and pursue higher education. The programme was hosted in collaboration with the Hope Foundation. The students who graduated completed courses in six subject areas: Electrical Installation, Welding and Fabrication, Motor Vehicles Servicing and Repairs, Basic Fitting and Machinery, Refrigeration, Supervisory Management and Entrepreneurship.

Minister Hastings-Williams commended the youth, particularly the young women, for venturing into non-traditional occupations. She also told the graduates that in addition to their certificates, they must also cultivate values such as integrity and professionalism and that they must be willing to serve.

“Become well-rounded individuals, pursue higher education…you are the leaders of tomorrow and you will need to be equipped to perform accordingly,” she said.

The Minister said that she identifies with the graduates of the training programme on a personal level as she too had to overcome adversity and work hard to achieve her goals.  “My heart unites with you as you strive to achieve and fulfil your dreams, goals and aspirations. Your government will continue to work with the Region as part of the mandate set by President David Granger, to bring services to the regions [as it is] through these initiatives, in due course, [that] technical and vocational institutes will be established in the near future,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mayor of Bartica, Mr. Gifford Marshall, in delivering his address, said that the Region believes in investing in its residents and he encouraged the graduates to continue to further their education, which will enable them to contribute meaningfully to the development of the region.

“What you see being demonstrated here today is an investment in youth empowerment.  Every youth that makes an investment in themselves or who we can invest in, takes us one step closer to achieving our educational goals. Take this step today as one in which you can propel yourselves to greater heights because I believe that you will impact this country, the region and the world at large in a transformative way,” he said.

In addition, Director, Board of Industrial Training, Ms. Penelope Harris, who delivered the charge to the graduates, urged them to be prepared to seize future opportunities and to use the skills acquired through the programme practically in their forthcoming endeavours. She urged them to hold their respective occupations in high esteem by embracing professionalism while seeking to improve their skillsets.

Regional Chairman, Mr. Gordon Bradford expressed similar sentiments. He also pledged the Regional Democratic Council’s continued support of its youth. Mr. Bradford then called for more investment in the Region’s education sector and advocated for a training institute to be established in Bartica.

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