Georgetown, Guyana – (October 23, 2018) Minister of Social Protection, Ms. Amna Ally, this morning, presented a quantity of relief items to five families, who suffered losses after their Section ‘B’, Sophia apartment was destroyed by fire on Sunday. The presentation was done at the Minister’s Lamaha Street office.

Minister Ally expressed her heartfelt regret to the distraught families. “We present to you some relief items so that at least you can start somewhere, and we trust that you are going to be able to rebuild… we are really sorry about what happened,” she said.

The items, which included kitchen utensils, a kerosene stove, a double mattress, sheets and pillow cases, which were given to each of the families, were obtained through the Ministry’s Difficult Circumstances Unit.

In expressing her gratitude, one recipient, Ms. Tamara Fraser, thanked the Government of Guyana for providing her with a “fresh start” as she takes steps to rebuild. “I’m thankful for the help because everything was destroyed, the bed and everything… right now I have to get somewhere to go,” she said.

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