Georgetown, Guyana – (April 4, 2018) President David Granger, today, said that his Government remains committed to providing any necessary assistance to the St. John’s Association of Guyana, particularly through the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade, during a brief ceremony, where he received the Association’s emblem for his staunch support to their work since his assumption to office in 2015. According to the Association’s Constitution, the Head of State is the patron of the organisation.

In brief remarks, after the ceremony held at State House, the President Granger said that he does not regard the emblem as something ornamental but it is purposeful and significant as the organisation’s values and motto are in tandem with his own personal beliefs when it comes to service to the people.

“My engagement with the Association has not been a simple chore of duty because I was appointed Patron. It has been a reflection of my deep belief in the power of the Association to bring about change and it is also a reflection of my faith in young Guyanese. I hosted, here at State House, the luncheon for St. John’s day, which is June 25 and I would like to iterate my commitment to have a similar lunch this year and as long as I am President, to have an annual lunch here at the Benab so that it is not just talking the talk but demonstrating to the public that the Presidency is fully behind the Association. I will wear this badge with pride. It is a symbol of my personal faith and my connection with the Association,” he said.

President Granger reiterated to the organisation that its emergency medical services must be made available to citizens in every region across the country as he noted that he is committed to ensuring that the Brigade fulfils its obligations and performs its functions in the public’s interest. For too long, the Head of State said, the organisation has been neglected and it is his mission to ensure that it once again becomes equipped to serve the average Guyanese.

The President said that every region and capital town across the country must be able to deal with emergencies. He noted that the Brigade has an important function, particularly, in handling public events and as such, it is imperative that its capacity be strengthened.

“The association has a lot of work to do and I have been very impressed by the Council’s proposals that I have seen. I pledge to give the Council and the Association every possible support. It is quite clear that this Government is moving on a certain trajectory. I don’t see the Association as a Georgetown Association. I see it as a national Association and I have asked the Council to ensure that it walks step by step with the Government,” the President said.

Chairman of St. John’s Association of Guyana, Mr. Vibert Parvatan, in his remarks, said that this is a significant and momentous occasion for the St. John’s family as the emblem is of historical significance and is being bestowed on someone, who has had the best interests of the organisation at heart since taking up office. “Thank you most sincerely for the support you are giving as patron to the St. John Association. This has been evident since you assumed office in 2015… The mottos of St. John’s are ‘Pro fide’ meaning ‘for the faith’ and ‘Pro utilitate hominum’ meaning ‘for the service of humanity’ and on that note, on behalf of all the members of the various branches, we wish you good health, happiness, success in all of your endeavours and most importantly, God’s richest blessings,” he said.

Mr. Parvatan said that the emblem symbolises several attributes, which are fortitude (determination, strength, endurance in difficult or painful situations), prudence (carefulness, care, caution, discretion), temperance (self-restraint in the face of temptation or desire) and justice (fairness, reasonableness especially in the way people are treated or decisions are made).

The event was also attended by Vice Chairman of the Association, Dr. Jose Louis DaSilva along with other executive members of the organisation.

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