Georgetown, Guyana – (April 4, 2018) President David, today, received a courtesy call from District Governor of the Lions Club, Mr. Sean Noel, who updated on the organisation’s work in Guyana, particularly as it relates to health and education. Mr. Noel, who is visiting from Trinidad and Tobago, was accompanied to State House by Ms. Maxine Cummings, Mr. Matthew Langevine and Mr. SMV Nasser.

The District Governor informed the Head of State that the organisation has been working closely with the Ministry Health to support cancer and diabetes programmes, which include early screening and testing. He also expressed a willingness to enter into a formal programme of collaboration with the local health sector.

Meanwhile, President Granger said that there is need for the services that organisations like the Lions Club provide. However, he asked that they do not confine their work to the coastland as they can be of great assistance to residents of hinterland communities.

The President also urged the Lions Club to, through their work, ensure that they reach out to all segments of the Guyanese population in a way that will add to the national effort of fostering social cohesion and removing any form of alienation, discrimination and marginalisation that still exists.

The District that Guyana is a part of includes Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname. At present there are 19 clubs in Guyana, 30 in Trinidad and Tobago and 11 in Suriname. In January 2016, President Granger was inducted as a honourary member of the Lions Club of Bel Air.

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