Georgetown, Guyana – (August 9, 2017) President David Granger, today, received a courtesy call at State House from Mr. R. Veeramani, Chairman of the GEM Group of Companies, India and Chairman of the Natural Stones and Products Panel, who said that the vision of the Government is refreshing and appealing to investors and as such, it will encourage investment opportunities.

During the meeting, Mr. Veeramani, who is in Guyana on a five-day scoping mission to explore investment opportunities, said that Guyana is a country filled with abundant opportunities for investment and has the potential to become a multi-billion-dollar economy, once its many resources are developed in a sustainable manner. With the leadership of President Granger and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, the businessman said that there is no reason why Guyana cannot become a prosperous nation.

“The Government is very proactive with the development vision for this country and with this, I am very sure that I will come back. I personally felt that both the President and the Prime Minister of Guyana, both of them are determined that the country should develop economically, create more employment and should be one of the proud countries on the lines of development. I am sure that they will do that. I am sure that they will inspire and make this country a prosperous nation by the right policies,” he said.

In an invited comment, Mr. Veeramani said that he and the members of his company met with Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo last year when he visited India and were invited to explore Guyana and its potential for investment.

“You have the products. You can do wonders. This country can do wonders with what it has…I have come here to study and find out what are the opportunities that this nation offers. This is a tropical country and with the many resources and less population, I want to find out what is happening here and what are the opportunities that can help to develop the industrial activity in this country. I like the people and I am sure that I will return,” the Businessman said.

President Granger welcomed the investor to Guyana, noting that while the country possesses the resources, it needs financial and technical support from all sectors to assist in their development for the benefit of all of the citizens.

“We need that type of experience and sense of entrepreneurship and so we are happy that you are here,” the President said.

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