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eorgetown, Guyana – (May 13, 2016) President David Granger was, today, presented with two commemorative coins and the new $50 bank note by Governor of the Bank of Guyana, Dr. Gobind Ganga at the Ministry of the Presidency. Both the coins and the note were produced by the Bank to commemorate Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary.

The coins were designed by the Bank of Guyana in collaboration with the two winners of the 50th Anniversary celebration logo, Mr. Chris Taylor and Mr. Compton Babb. The $5000 coin is struck in silver and plated in gold while the $2000 coin is struck in a metallic alloy and plated in gold. They were struck by the Mint of Norway.

President David Granger receives the $50 bank note from Governor of the Bank of Guyana, Dr. Gobind Ganga at the Ministry of the Presidency

Like the coins, the $50 note too, was inspired by Guyana’s national symbols. Dr. Ganga explained that on the front of the note is printed the 50th Independence Anniversary celebration logo as well as the peoples of Guyana. The reverse side of the note has the map of Guyana, which is superimposed on the flag. It also features the National Motto, a depiction of the forest, the National Flower, doves- representing land of the free and peace, and words “sunshine, rain, mountain and sea” from the National Anthem.

President Granger, who is also a numismatist (coin collector), was particularly excited about the commemorative coins and spoke about his own collection, which he said tells the story of the colonisation of Guyana by the Dutch and the British, the country’s engagement with the Eastern Caribbean Currency Board and Independence.

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The $2000 coin which is struck in a metallic alloy and plated in gold

“I feel very happy now that we have a major commemorative occasion we will be able to give to our children and grandchildren something that they could remember this great event by… it generates pride, and a feeling of belonging to the State of Guyana,” the Head of State said.

He also urged the Bank of Guyana to ensure wider distribution and sale of the coins, which at present, are only available at the Bank.

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