Georgetown, Guyana – (May 13, 2016) – Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon, today, received a courtesy call at the Ministry of the Presidency from a visiting delegation from South Florida, who are here in Guyana to meet with government and private sector agencies to explore possible opportunities for business investments in Guyana.

The team has thus far met with officials from the Ministries of Business, Finance and Public Infrastructure, as well as key stakeholders from the private sector. The team has expressed specific interest in increased access to food products from Guyana for export, particularly pork and shrimp along with fruits and vegetables.

Minister Harmon, during brief remarks to the delegation, highlighted the government’s mandate of providing a good life for all Guyanese, stating that it is in this regard that they welcome such investment opportunities. “There is absolutely no reason why we in this country cannot have a good life with the abundance of resources that we have,” Minister Harmon said.

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