• Says country a step closer after agreement with Mount Sinai and Hess Corporation

Georgetown, Guyana—(July 8, 2022) His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali lauded the new partnership between the Government of Guyana, the Mount Sinai Health System and Hess Corporation, which he said will ensure that citizens have access to the best possible healthcare services.

President Ali said that the National Healthcare Initiative signed today at State House will transform healthcare in Guyana.

“All of Guyana must and will have the best possible health care. I commit to you before, as I’ve committed to Mount Sinai, that I will personally be involved in this process because this is a huge initiative.”

The Mount Sinai team will advise and help develop high-quality primary care, specialised services in cardiology and oncology, and significant improvements at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. This will be funded jointly by Hess Corporation and the Government of Guyana. Hess is investing close to US$32m.

The President also outlined the important role the private sector would have to play in transforming the health care sector.


He spoke about the importance of technology and patient management system, which will not only allow for the creation of baseline assessment of patients beginning from childhood but will allow for proactive planning.

“So the healthcare technology side is very important. And Mount Sinai will be part of that.”

The President said an overhaul of the private and public systems is integral to supporting this process, especially since both systems will be a part of the national structure.

To achieve this, he noted that regulations need to be in place.


President Ali pointed to the importance of partnerships, not only between Hess and Mount Sinai but with other stakeholders, including the private sector.

“It is with all the stakeholders, and an important partner in this is the people of the country because we will have to do an assessment of where we are in terms of our health needs and our individual health position. And that requires the participation of the population. To get the baseline data is very important.”

He assured the Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer of the Mount Sinai Health System, Dr Jeremy Boal that Guyana will “do it right and do it holistically” as he recognised that Mount Sinai is putting their reputation on the line.

“We are not going to disappoint them. You will see bold moves, you will see innovative moves, and you will see a very strong move in the modernisation of the sector.”

A coordinating steering committee and a national steering committee will also be established to advance the process.

President Ali said he has asked Senior Minister in the Office of the President with Responsibility for Finance, the Honourable Dr Ashni Singh to examine how the Government can encourage more corporate financing into the health care system, similar to what Mr John Hess, CEO of the Hess Corporation, is doing.

“So we need to now move a step further to find a mechanism through which we can stimulate and encourage more investments from the corporate world into the health care system in achieving this national goal. The type of system and the type of service we will provide at the costs we are targeting will make Guyana a preferred destination.”


President Ali also announced that the Government has negotiated with Mount Sinai to offer discounted healthcare, whilst Guyana is restructuring its healthcare system.

“If there is any specialised need or any requirements for medical treatment for any Guyanese, once this passes through the Ministry of Health, they’ll provide that service at a 30% discount.”

Minister of Health, the Honourable Dr Frank Anthony explained that the new initiative has three components; the first includes improving the health system by upgrading primary healthcare and infusing an electronic medical records system; the second integrates exchange training to improve the service offered at the Georgetown Public Hospital; and, the final component will see the establishment of two new centres of excellence in cardiology and oncology in collaboration with the private sector.