Georgetown, Guyana – (August 7, 2018) President David Granger, today, met nine-year-old F.E. Pollard student Miss Kelly Pollydore at State House.

Miss Pollydore had written to the Head of State requesting a meeting with him to discuss her plans to one day become President.

She had also requested that he give special consideration to scheduling the meeting on August 7, her mother’s birthday, as a gift to her mother who is a single parent and who would be accompanying her. In addition, she asked for a computer to assist her with her studies.

President Granger met with Miss Pollydore, her mother Ms. Leandra Benjamin and her grandmother, where she revealed her intention to attend President’s College in preparation for her future role as President.

The Head of State then took the group on a guided tour of State House and presented Miss Pollydore with a personal computer and a commemorative coin.

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