Georgetown, Guyana – (June 7, 2018) President David Granger was, today, paid a visit by two special little ladies, Miss Kaylin Klass, a Grade Two School of the Nations student and Miss Eliana Ganpat, who became an internet sensation when she joined the Head of State on the dais for the Presidential Salute two weeks ago at the Independence Flag-Raising Ceremony, dressed as an officer of the Guyana Defence Force.

The two girls, both seven years of age, were excited to visit State House and to meet with the President, who gave them a guided tour of the building, which turned out to be a very good history lesson from no better teacher than the historian himself.

Miss Klass, who was accompanied by her mother, Ms. Cameel Klass, was invited to State House after she wrote a letter to the Head of State, telling him what while she was unable to be part of the Independence celebrations at D’Urban Park, she was very proud to be Guyanese and proud of the President and the work he has been doing. She said that she was excited to learn that Head of State had requested a meeting with her. Miss Klass said that her goal is to become a medical doctor and serve her country.

Miss Ganpat also has her mind set on serving her country. However, she is more concerned with protecting the country’s frontiers and has every intention of joining the military when she grows up. She was accompanied to State House by her father, Mr. Bisham Ganpat.

The President also gave the duo special coins as tokens which depicted symbols of Guyana’s Independence.

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