Georgetown, Guyana — (May 11, 2018) Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon, this afternoon, reaffirmed Government’s support for all private initiatives aimed at stimulating economic activity as long as it does not interfere with public safety and order. The State Minister made these remarks in response to questions regarding the privately organised Guyana Carnival events, which are set to coincide with the 52nd Anniversary of the country’s Independence. He noted that the mechanisms of the state will be activated and wished the organisers every success.

Speaking at this week’s Post-Cabinet Press Briefing, held at the Ministry of the Presidency, today, Minister Harmon said, “It’s an important time in the history of this country and we want to say, as a Government, that [in the case of the] Private sector [and] private initiatives of citizens… the Government will support the private initiatives of citizens once they do not affect the security and orderliness. We believe that the development of this country is twofold. It has to do with private businesses as well as the Government… We have to work together to ensure that the country is developed [and] developed in an orderly way,” Minister Harmon said.

Minister Harmon noted that Government is concerned mainly with ensuring that investors and promoters operate within the regulations that are designed to preserve the physical environment, minimise disruptions and ensure safety. “This matter was dealt with at Cabinet on Tuesday and Cabinet gave its approval for the elements of the State to provide necessary support to the organisers of this event… The police [are] to work with the organisers to ensure that the event [is] safe, that citizens who are not a part of the event… [are] not unnecessarily disrupted, and that there is a clear understanding that the environment is important, that the cleanliness and orderliness must be maintained,” he said.

The Minister also offered good wishes for the safe and successful execution of the event. “I believe that the Government has communicated with the organisation itself and asked that they pay specific attention to [these] matters. So, I wish the organisers of this event all the best and we trust that we’ll have a safe, and very healthy Carnival,” he said.

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