Georgetown, Guyana — (March 29, 2018) First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, this morning, encouraged 62 graduates of the first Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Robotics Workshop to be held in Linden, Upper Demerara-Berbice (Region Ten) to remain engaged and use every opportunity to increase their knowledge on the topic. The First Lady made these remarks at the closing ceremony of the workshop, which was conducted for the students of Harmony Secondary School in Wismar.

“The beauty of robotics and technology is that it doesn’t sit still. You could never be bored with it. Something is always happening… So I believe you will be constantly entertained, constantly educated… This is where the jobs are going to be… This is for you, young people… You have to get with the technology. You have to get with the robotics,” she said.

The First Lady also encouraged the graduates to stay dedicated to STEM for a chance to represent Guyana internationally at the Global Robotic Olympics. “Think about the possibilities. We had a team that… just knew robotics [for] less than a year and went to compete with people who had been working in robotics for years and years and we still beat 155 of [the] countries… I know that you could do it. I know that you could compete with the best of them,” she said.

Computer Science Teacher, Ms. Juanelle Marks said that workshops like these help students engage in technology rather than merely consuming it. “In Guyana, in Region Ten, at Harmony [Secondary School], we’re accustomed to consuming technology… but this week you learned that you don’t have to just consume. You can also play a role in creating technology… So, you don’t have to wait for somebody out there, maybe in a first world country, to build something… you can build it yourself… and share what you built with others… Our young people must know that [the] power to create, to innovate locally is in their hands,” she said.

Workshop participant, Ms. Bonita Viverios was happy for the opportunity to explore robotics. “As a female student, I was hesitant to be here because I have no prior knowledge of computer programming, but I’m glad I chose to be here… I can assure you that the knowledge I have gained here… will be utilised since I will be a part of our school’s robotic club,” she said.

Thirty-five girls and 27 boys completed the two workshops held this week. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Horace Mosely, Mr. Collin Sawh, and Ms. Aisha Peters of STEM Guyana, who collaborated with the Office of the First Lady to conduct this workshop. Member of Parliament for Region Ten, Mr. Jermaine Figuera and Regional Party Chairman of the People’s National Congress, Mr. Deram Adams also attended the event.

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