Georgetown, Guyana – (September 7, 2017) Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon has clarified that there is no ban on the employment of single mothers as security guards at night. Speaking at his weekly post-Cabinet press briefing, the Minister explained that while, the Government is concerned about the conditions under which women work at night, no policy position has been taken in so far as it relates to effecting ban on women working for private security firms at night.

“As far as the Government is concerned, we have had no debate on the matter. The senior Minister of Social Protection [Minister Amna Ally] in that regard would have to bring a paper to Cabinet and Cabinet will have to debate on it. Until such time that that occurs the situation remains as it is; that is to say that women will continue to work either day or night and there is no restriction on them,” the Minister of State explained.

He also issued a call on security companies to acknowledge and recognise that there are special conditions under which women should work and, therefore, the necessary facilities and arrangements should be put in place. “There is no restriction on their right to work. What we will ask and we will insist is that the employers, who employ women, must ensure… that they provide for the special arrangements, which have to do with women in the workforce,” the Minister said.

He added that the State will provide the legislative and regulatory framework within which that relationship between employer and employee must exist.

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