Georgetown, Guyana – (March 2, 2017) The Ministry of the Presidency condemns the misinformation published in the Guyana Times editorial on March 2, under the headline ‘Democratic backsliding’ which purported that President David Granger will appoint his own Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

This statement is patently false. The Head of State, on several occasions, explained that his only interest is ensuring that the person appointed to the post of Chairman, meets the requirements as outlined in the Constitution of Guyana. This position, which has remained unchanged, is a matter of public record and as such, one can only deduce that this was a deliberate attempt by the Guyana Times to create mischief.

In mid-January on the Ministry’s television programme, The Public Interest, the President said that, “I don’t have a candidate in mind. I have a qualification in mind. I want someone who satisfies the Constitutional requirement.” He further stated however that, “The Constitution is clear that once the Leader of the Opposition fails to submit a list of persons, who are not unacceptable, I will have to make a choice but I will choose someone who is acceptable to both sides and who the general public is satisfied with.”

The Ministry is therefore calling on the Guyana Times to retract this erroneous statement which seeks to imply that the Head of State is fixing to unilaterally appoint a new GECOM head.

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