President David Granger: … And to add our congratulations to the opening of your embassy here in Georgetown and this will facilitate the relationship between Chile and CARICOM because this is the headquarters of CARICOM as well.
So thank you and congratulations on the opening of your embassy and your ambassador here knows that he will enjoy the full support of the Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Georgetown.
Thank you again for sharing your views here with us. Chile has a very long and glorious reputation of cooperation with the Caribbean and within CARICOM, and your presence here emphasises your personal commitment and characterised by your own struggle to achieve the very objectives of the Caribbean, particularly in terms of human development, democracy and the alleviation of poverty.
Madam President, the Heads of Government around this table represent a huge community of island states. So the sea – the maritime environment is ever present and Chile too with its very long coastline too, cannot escape the importance of the maritime environment.
Geographically we are all affected by climate change. We are all threatened by environmental risk and disaster and we share with you the desire to protect our people from the adverse impact of climate change and environmental disaster and this is one area that we welcome your offer of collaboration. So that in terms of the changes taking place in the climate, Chile as a part of this continent and the Caribbean will be able to work together to protect our people.
We welcome your offers of technical cooperation; we can only gain from your experience. Your population is greater than the entire population of the Caribbean States and of course, your land area, of course, is larger than all of the Caribbean States combined. But we are sure that as a continental state your cooperation with the island states and the other states of mainland South America namely, Suriname, Guyana and of course in Central America – Belize.
We will be able to demonstrate to the world, the ability of the large to cooperate with the small; the ability of the more developed to cooperate with the less developed and I am confident that under your leadership, Chile and CARICOM will be able to demonstrate the spirit of full cooperation and that we’re sure also, that your own commitment to the peaceful resolution of disputes and your commitment to continental solidarity; your own commitment to democracy, will last much longer than, I’m sure, all of us around this table will live to see.
So thank you very much for coming. Thank you very much for sharing your views with us and we look forward to long and fruitful cooperation between the Caribbean Community as a whole and the Republic of Chile.
Thank you, madam!

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