Georgetown, Guyana—(July 6, 2023) His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali said that his Government is seeking to expand its current partnership with the United States of America in the areas of food, energy and climate security and other areas.

The Head of State lauded the relationship between Guyana and the USA at a joint press engagement following bilateral discussions with the US Secretary of State, Mr Antony Blinken, at State House today.

“We share common interests in three very important areas, that is, food security, energy security, and climate security. As you know, Guyana has contributed significantly in all three of these areas. The vision of Guyana is to position our country to be a leader, a global leader on energy security, food security, and climate security. We are seeking to expand our partnership with the US in all of these areas.”

The President also explained that while Guyana continues to build its energy sector and expand its petroleum production, the country has redoubled its efforts and commitment to reaching the targets set for decarbonisation and renewable energy.

He said that Guyana has shared its credentials with the US on its forest and is seeking a partnership with the North American country to promote and ensure Guyana’s forests become an important part of the climate change agenda.

Highlighting key areas where the United States has been of support, the President said, “The United States has played a tremendous role in the training of our security forces in the last two years. We had the greatest partnership in terms of the training of our security forces and partnership in combating many different forms of crime, and we will gain tremendous success in the last few years in these areas.”

President Ali also reaffirmed Guyana’s commitment to expanding its partnership with the US.  

Speaking about Guyana’s relationship with the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), the Head of State stated that it is dynamic and expanding, bringing “tremendous results” to Guyana.

Meanwhile, apart from support and partnership from the United States Government, President Ali noted that the Private Sector of the United States is also playing a key role in the development of Guyana through “tremendous investment” and interest.

“We must continue to build a society in which our systems, our institutions are strong, in which our institutions and systems can withstand scrutiny, point to accountability and transparency so that we can continue to present Guyana as a sustainable destination for more US investment. Thank you very much.”

Blinken echoed similar sentiments to President Ali and said that the US appreciates the “increasingly significant” role that Guyana is playing in addressing regional and global issues.

“Among the many issues that we covered today, energy security and climate adaptation were front and centre.”

Blinken added that it is a pleasure to continue work and ongoing dialogue with one of the US’ “closest partners in the Caribbean, at a moment of such profound transformation, such profound change, such profound hope”.

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) the Honourable Mark Phillips, several members of the Cabinet, Government officials and the US Ambassador to Guyana, HE Sarah-Ann Lynch, were also at the press engagement.