— Urges all to give generously to Salvation Army’s Annual Christmas Kettle

Georgetown, Guyana—(October 28, 2022) His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali said the art of giving must not be seasonal but must be a way of life as he appealed to Guyanese to contribute to the Salvation Army’s Annual Kettle.

During the launch of the event today at the Georgetown Club, President Ali led by example and made the first contribution of $1.5m.

“Giving is about moving someone positively. So it is not based only on material things… and that is what is good about the work of the Salvation Army; it is not only about the Christmas Kettle; it is a way of life; it is giving every single day in different ways; it is lifting humanity in different ways, and that is why giving is an art and giving is a way of life.”


The President noted that a small contribution can be a big help to people who are in need.

“What you do here today is not a simplistic thing as just putting a donation into the kettle… what you do is an important part in bridging the gaps that exist in our society. What you do today requires a societal approach.”

Organisations like the Salvation Army, the President added, help to bring the “societal approach” to the way things are done. He said that stakeholders, including the Government; corporate entities, religious and civil societies; communities and families have to play their part in bridging the gaps.

The annual Christmas Appeal helps to meet the needs of the less fortunate through the provision of food, shelter, rehabilitation and much more.

Joining the President were representatives from the Salvation Army, including the Chair of its Advisory Board, Mr Edward Boyer, as well as students from several high schools.