• Says country has an open economy with investor-friendly policies

Dubai, UAE—(October 19, 2021)
 His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali today told investors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that Guyana is ready to take its transformative steps into the future and that it is an open economy with investor-friendly policies.

The Head of State who delivered the feature address at Guyana’s National Day celebrations at Expo 2020 Dubai not only highlighted the country’s potential but its strategic location, its harmonious diversity and its picturesque natural attractions.

“Guyana needs to convert its abundant resources. We need you. We welcome you, and we urge you to remember the name Guyana and to keep the name Guyana in your plans for growth and development, both in country and by businesses and sectors.”

The President said that his Government is business-friendly and that his country has laws which “protect the right to property and which also allows freedom to repatriate profits”.

“We need investment to drive our transformative agenda, and we are keen on attracting investments across all sectors.”

To highlight Guyana’s potential, the President listed several facts about the country, including its irreversible growth trajectory; its natural richness, its current position on the investment radar due to its oil, and its multitude of sectors, including agriculture, that have the capacity and potential for massive expansions.

“Guyana is the most resource-rich country in the English-speaking Caribbean. If we speak about world food production, environmental services, world-class eco-tourism, freshwater potential, mining opportunities, research and development, human transformation, health and educational services, I assure you Guyana will be an important part of that conversation.”


Although the focus was on investment opportunities, the President highlighted the progressive nature of his country, including its drive towards preservation and protection of its environment.

“We will continue to pursue oil production offshore, but onshore we will definitely intensify the decarbonisation of the economy. We will do so principally on an expanded Low Carbon Development Strategy, which will emphasise low levels of deforestation, biodiversity protection, freshwater management, the sustainable development of the marine economy and conservation.”

The country’s tourism potential was also highlighted, especially its sustainable tourism development drive.


The President said that the drive behind Guyana’s transformational agenda is the development of its human resources.

“Guyana needs to convert its abundant resources – material and human –   into wealth and thence to translate this wealth into human prosperity.  But in order to do so, Guyana needs investment.”

The Guyanese Head of State said that the country is in its “finest era” and will progress with all of its people.

“We want to see a modern Guyana which will mould the next generation of our children and provide them with the best life that we can offer.  We want to build a more inclusive society in which our diversity is celebrated…. We want to ensure a prosperous country where our people can enjoy high standards of living, including a 21st-century education and world-class health services. I want Guyanese to enjoy these and other benefits in a healthy, safe, and secure environment.”

First Lady, Her Excellency, Arya Ali; along with Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibilities for Finance, the Honourable Dr Ashni Singh; Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, the Honourable Oneidge Walrond; Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, the Honourable Charles Ramson Jr and other officials are also in Dubai.

Guyana’s exhibition pavilion is being managed by Ms Chevon Lim, Commissioner-General, Expo 2020. Some 192 countries are participating in Expo 2020 Dubai, which runs from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022.