Georgetown, Guyana—(August 2, 2021) His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali today assured that Guyana’s primary aim is not “to flex any muscle of power” but to enhance the prospects of all the people in the region.

The Head of State was at the time responding to a question raised by a Trinidadian journalist on the effects of Guyana’s emergence as an “energy sector powerhouse”, following an address to the nation on the PPP/C Government’s one-year anniversary in office.

“In relation to Guyana becoming an energy sector powerhouse, my dear friend, that is not the title I would like for Guyana… So whatever resources Guyana gets from this oil and gas sector and all other sectors, I assure you will resound not only to the benefit of Guyanese but all the people of CARICOM.  We are one people in CARICOM.”

In elaborating on the close relationship among member states, the President called attention to the effects of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is being felt individually as well as collectively.

“There is no distinction in my eyes between our borders. There is no distinction in my eyes between the threat COVID placed on all of us, individually and collectively. And I would never try or attempt to make a distinction because that brings nothing or adds nothing to the equation. Rather than adding and creating the right environment, it divides us, and that would never be my style.”

He further explained that the opportunities that abound across all sectors of Guyana’s economy will also be open to every investor in CARICOM.


“So the prospects and opportunities in our energy sector, in our agriculture sector, in our manufacturing sector, in our industrial sector, in our hospitality sector, in our environmental sector are also the prospects and opportunities for every investor in CARICOM.”

President Ali then pointed to the existing relationship between investors from Trinidad and Tobago, which he emphasised, has been fostered by Guyana’s open policies.

“They have all been welcomed. That is our style in Guyana. But they are not only welcome in the energy sector; there are massive opportunities in the other sectors. So the future of Guyana is indeed bright, but that future will be shared with CARICOM.”

He reminded that Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana have always shared a special relationship and have always supported each other in good and bad times.

“We have had an excellent relationship, and nothing in my Government’s policies will change that.”


The Head of State pointed out that Guyana has a clearly defined development pathway and will continue to pursue policies to achieve its goals and objectives.

With regards to the Government’s response to COVID-19, the President emphasised that his administration aims to find a balanced approach as “COVID is not only about the health of the people, but it is about the health of the economy.”

President Ali urged respect for the decisions that all governments have made in relation to their COVID-19 responses.

“We all have this difficulty and difficult decisions to make, and we respect the decisions everyone makes, and we hope everyone respects the decisions we make too.”

In this regard, he said that Guyana sees no distinction in the vaccination programme, since at the end of the day, vaccines save lives.