Georgetown, Guyana (June 24, 2021) His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali said that the passing of Mr Lennox Albert Canterbury, who dedicated his life in service to his country, is a “great national loss”.

The Head of State made these remarks as he delivered a tribute to the former Director of the Mashramani Secretariat during his funeral service this morning at the National Cultural Centre tarmac.

President Ali joined friends and family members gathered to celebrate the life of their beloved friend, father, and husband.

 “‘Canty’ belonged to Guyana. He belonged to Guyana in life; he belonged to Guyana in action and in commitment. He was not only an outstanding Guyanese, but he was a Guyanese who sought to leave positive change. He created positive vibes and created positive energy in everything he dedicated his life to.”

President Ali recalled the close bond cultivated over the years, both professionally and personally, between him and “Canty”, as he is popularly known.

The Head of State had worked side by side with Mr Canterbury over the years during his tenure as Minister of Housing and Water and as Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce.

Mr Canterbury sat on organising committees for many national projects, including Building Expo, GuyExpo, Guyana Festival and Mashramani, among others.

“I have had the privilege to learn from him. I have had the privilege to work with him on many occasions, to experience his calmness when things become difficult; to experience his wealth of knowledge when things become complex and huge in size to manage and handle; to experience his winning way of bringing people together in a team to accomplish a task.”

He also recalled Mr Canterbury’s calm demeanour and his commitment to bringing out the best in situations. “Everything that seemed gloomy came out bright and beautiful”.

“I enjoyed his company. I enjoyed his knowledge. I enjoyed his simplicity. I enjoyed his commitment. I can truly say, as President, I felt his love in good times and in not-so-good times.”

The President said too that Mr Canterbury’s legacy will live on as he took the time to nurture and impart his wealth of knowledge and experience to those that came after. In addition, he ensured the seamless continuity of projects in which he was integrally involved in planning. These projects include the 55th Independence activities as well as Guyana National Day celebrations at Expo2020, Dubai.   

“That was a man who was fearless in sharing his ideas. You know, sometimes people guard their ideas and knowledge, not ‘Canty’.  For me, he was not an employee; he was much more than a public servant, he was a friend, a brother, someone who I admired, someone who I looked up to, someone who I am thankful I was able to meet and share time within my lifetime. I pray that his soul finds everlasting peace.”  

President Ali expressed profound gratitude to Mr Canterbury’s wife Karen and his family members for giving him the latitude over the years to share his time, his talent and his love to Guyana and the people of Guyana.