After discovering shortage of drugs, disconnectbetween centres and region

Georgetown, Guyana (June 6, 2021) His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali today ordered a complete evaluation of all the health centres in Pomeroon after discovering that the Hackney Health Centre had a drug shortage. 

During the Head of State’s visit to the area to conduct a flood assessment, one of the residents told the President that he had to go to a nearby shop to purchase needle and thread to stitch a wound since the health centre had no supplies. 

Other residents also related that the health centre is often without medical supplies. 

As a result, the Head of State requested the presence of the health worker stationed at the health centre to explain the situation. The representative said that while there is a shortage, no requisition for medical supplies was sent to the region “lately”.

President Ali also questioned the Regional Health Officer, Dr Ranjeev Singh, who related that the region currently is in stock of medical supplies. 

“I want the community to hear what you are facing. No requisition came from the centre. If you don’t send a requisition for what is short, how can the region send anything? I want a complete evaluation. Let’s get our people in here because this is absolutely irresponsible—atotal disconnect between the centre and the region. I want a complete evaluation of the health centres in the Pomeroon,” President Ali told the Region Executive Officer, Mr Devanand Ramdatt. 

The flood assessment team made stops in Karawab, St Monica’s Mission, Kabakaburi, Abrams Creek, Siriki, Jacklow, Martin Dale and Marlborough.

In Marlborough, the President also upbraided the engineering department of the region for not updating the residents about their planned infrastructural projects. 

After explaining to the residents of the community about his Government’s plan to address the flooding, a young grade six student approached the Head of State in tears and explained to him that she was requesting that the Government address the deplorable condition of the school. 

After inquiries with the region’s head, it was revealed that the contract for repair of the school had been awarded and that the residents were not properly informed of the entirety of the project. 

President Ali said that the region needs to stay connected with the communities and keep them informed about all projects. 

Along with the President, Minister of Agriculture, the Honourable Zulfikar Mustapha, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, the Honourable Nigel Dharamlall, and other officials were also in the region.