His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali yesterday encouraged the graduating class of President’s College to aim for excellence, since their generation would help turn Guyana into a modern state.

In a pre-record address, the Guyanese President saluted the achievements of the students, whose graduation was postponed from last year.   He said that their future would be transformational, since “Guyana is going places” and would need highly skilled individuals.

 “For you a grand future awaits, providing you are willing to seize the opportunities which will arise over the next few years.”

In highlighting what a transformed Guyana would mean for young people, President Ali emphasised that economic activities will be scaled up to create greater value for industries such as agriculture, logging, fishing and mining.

“Transformation means modern infrastructures such as highways and high-span bridges and world-class aerodromes, container ports and shipping ports…cheaper and more reliable electricity and water and affordable and accessible telecommunications across the country.  Transformation means that every young person will be afforded the opportunity to own his or her own home.”

According to the President, this positive trajectory also means that there will be vast improvements in the delivery of tertiary education, safer communities and borders, the end of poverty, job creation for thousands, and improvements in health care for citizens.

The President reflected on his high-school journey at Saint Stanislaus College and impressed on the graduates to forge ahead and embrace new beginnings. 

“Graduations represent new beginnings. Most of you will either go on to higher studies or to enter the world of work. Some of you will return to the College to study for CAPE. Wherever your next road leads, I want to encourage you to step boldly and confidently along that path.”

The Head of State also called on the graduating class to remain patriotic and play their part in nation building.

“I therefore ask you to join in this great enterprise that will see Guyana become the most thriving and developed country in the Caribbean. Together we can make this happen!”

President Ali congratulated the teachers, the College Board and the school’s administrators, for the part that they have played in promoting education in the historic Guyanese education institution.

He also challenged the staff and students to sustain and even to surpass their standards in the years ahead and promised his Government’s support in the endeavour.

“President’s College has over the past 35 years provided a range of opportunities; the College has been affording places to hinterland students. The resident facilities at this school have allowed many hinterland students to benefit from a senior secondary education. My vision for this school therefore, is not only one which will maintain its fine record of scholastic excellence, but also continue to provide opportunities for students from riverine and hinterland communities.”

In closing, the Head of State reminded the students that the future belongs to them.  He also told them that the pandemic would end and that life would return to normal.

“I congratulate you and wish you every success in the future – a future which awaits your input. I have no doubt that you will all make a good name for yourself and help transform our country.”