His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali  today announced that residents of Region 10 will soon benefit from the construction of 1000 homes.

The Head of State was at the time addressing concerns relating to job creation in Region 10 communities that were raised by representatives of a local women’s group.

“We will be engaging the young people and women in the construction of the homes,” he told the group of women.

The President said that the intention is to tap into the skills of residents as well as to source the building materials from the community.

“We need the materials for the construction of these houses to come from this region. The lumber, the sawmill, block makers and carpenters will all be engaged, if you don’t have the skills, we will bring in people to train you so that employment is created for the residents here.”

He pointed to several other areas in terms of employment opportunities, which will be addressed to target some  in the community including assess to educational materials for children, access to healthcare and the provision of opportunities for residents to provide services to support the mining sector.

Several other Government ministers, including Hon Charles Ramson Jnr – Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport and Hon Dr Vindhya Persaud—Minister of Human Services and Social Security directly addressed the concerns of the women