Georgetown, Guyana (December 18, 2020) His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali promised ranks of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF)  that they will benefit from programmes designed to enhance the quality of their lives.

The Head of State made this disclosure today during the annual Christmas Lunch at the GDF Base Camp, Ayanganna where he addressed hundreds of soldiers gathered for the occasion.

The President announced that not only will the ranks benefit from a specially tailored housing programme, but that it will be implemented from their headquarters so that they will not have to “join the lines,” which will ensure a hassle free process.

“I’ve already asked the Ministry of Housing to come up with a special housing programme that not only sees you owning your own house but your own home.”

He said that in addition to the housing programme it is equally important to respond to the educational aspirations of the ranks. He then reminded them of the 20,000 scholarships which will be available from next year and promised them that they will benefit.

 “I want you to know we will have a special programme to ensure that you benefit from these scholarships.”


President Ali also acknowledged that one of the key concerns of the ranks is access to better healthcare.

“We are working on a programme to enhance the healthcare for every citizen. I am also talking to the Chief of Staff to see ways in which we can facilitate easier access to healthcare for you the ranks of the GDF.”

He stressed too that continuous training opportunities will also be part of their overall development.