Georgetown, Guyana (December 12, 2020) – Luke’s Manufacturing will soon become a bigger name in Region Two since President Irfaan Ali has expedited the process of granting the business land for growth.

John Luke was one of many persons who benefited from the Presidential Outreach, which was held at the RDC building in Anna Regina on Wednesday last. 

His business had taken a hit due to the pandemic and he was given the royal run around for years to acquire the needed land to expand.

At the moment Luke is making 21 different products, including wine and various types of porridge mix with local ingredients.

Upon hearing about the resident’s plight and about the numerous jobs that the business can generate once it’s at full capacity, the President directed the representatives from the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission to fast track the process.

Some five acres of land will be given to the Essequibian.

The entrepreneur expressed gratitude to President Ali for not only listening to him but for the advice he offered. He said that he was sure that he would finally receive help, because the President told him he would help.

“I know he is a man of his word. And this is not just about me, this is about all the other people I will employ in the future.”   

With the support, Luke can now build his dream multi-million dollar business in the region.

Many other persons also realised their dreams during last week’s exercise, including several land owners, who received their titles.

One of the main aims of the exercise was to reduce the bureaucratic hurdles that many persons face when accessing services. According to President Ali, the achievement of this goal requires a vital shift in culture, which he emphasised is necessary if all Guyanese are to benefit from the massive development underway in our country. 

”Positive change is vital, especially with Guyana’s development trajectory. It is imperative that we fix our culture of doing business to ensure greater local content.”

During the exercise, residents were able to speak directly to President Ali and to raise issues of concern ranging from access to electricity, water, drainage issues and land allocation challenges.

President Ali said that all Guyanese should be treated fairly and that all agencies and government offices should be working to deliver optimum services to enhance citizens’ lives.

Since his inauguration in early August, President Ali has preached brotherhood, unity and togetherness. He has constantly stated that Guyana is for all Guyanese and that under his tenure he aims to enhance the life of every individual.