Reminds public servants of their duties to citizens

Georgetown, Guyana (December 10, 2020) His Excellency President Irfaan Ali announced on Wednesday afternoon that 80 land titles will be distributed to residents of Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) by next week.

The Head of State made this disclosure at the end of the Presidential Outreach, which was held at the Regional Democratic Council in Anna Regina. 

“Today alone, just with some pushing, we have eighty (80) titles that are now available to people that were in the system for years; five years, six years, seven years. On Monday, these 80 titles will be available to the people.”

One of the main aims of yesterday’s exercise was to reduce the bureaucratic hassle that many persons face when accessing services


The President said the engagement also highlighted the existing weaknesses in the system as well as a deficiency in service delivery to citizens of the region. On this note, heurged the RDC staff to recognise and respect the prestige that comes with their jobs. 

“Public service is the highest call of service in your country and we must not think that we are doing people a favour… and if you believe at this point in your career that you want to go in the other direction, then make that choice.  But once we are in public service, let us serve; the same feelingyou have today, the same energy, the same excitement you have to serve the people should be what you find every day. We are not in public service because we have no other option, we are in public service because we chose a career to serve the people. And if we don’t want to serve the people, then public service is not for us.”

He said too that public service and leadership must involve all levels of workers from the CEO to the helpers. In this way each level will have a better understanding of the strategic vision and direction of the organisation.

“If they understand where the organisation is going, what is their strategic vision, then they will know how they have to perform and how they have to behave. We have an excellent opportunity to achieve this. We have to change this country.”

President Ali explained that positive change is vitalespecially with Guyana’s development trajectory. He said that it is imperative that we “fix our culture of doing business” to ensure greater local content.

He then urged the older Agencies’ heads to recognise their roles in leaving a legacy of efficiency. 

“I ask you to use this opportunity of your experience in the public service to pass this on to all these younger people. This is the only way we will become a better country. All of us have an equal role in making this country better… Uniting our country starts in the public service. We have the greatest ability to demonstrate this common vision… Take today as a renewal of your vows to your job and to service to the people.”


While the Head of State expressed gratitude to the staff for their diligent efforts in making the engagement a success, he assured them that the Government has their best interest at heart. 

“We are going to look at your welfare, we are going to work so that you will have a better conditions to live under, so that your families live under better conditions.”

The President told the gathering that Guyana belongs to all Guyanese and remains as strong as its citizens. 

In closing, he assured the residents that they will benefit from similar engagements as his government understands the importance of serving all of the people.

“You will see a lot more of me, my office and my Government because the Ministers understand and Cabinet understands that we are governing from the fields, not the office.”

During yesterday’s engagement, the President personally addressed the concerns raise by scores of residents, which ranged from access to electricity, water, land allocation concerns and drainage issues among other areas. 

As the issues came to the fore, President Ali instructed officials present to “fix it now” and to “get it right”.

Various agencies collaborated at the outreach to address concerns at the community level.Participants included Government officials, representatives from the Office of the President, the Ministry of Housing and Water, the Central Housing and Planning Authority, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Guyana Power and Light (GPL), National Insurance Scheme (NIS), National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), the Ministry of Health, the Guyana Police Force and several regional officials among others.