International Day for Persons with Disabilities 2020 is being held under the theme “Building back better: towards an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post COVID-19 world by, for and with persons with disabilities”. This theme recognizes the disadvantageous effects which the coronavirus pandemic has caused particularly to persons with disabilities.

The Co-operative Republic of Guyana fully supports this year’s theme. My Government is committed to establishing a more inclusive democracy. We are committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities are entitled to and enjoy the full benefits of citizenship and public services including education, health and access to electricity, housing, water, telecommunication and justice.

Persons with disabilities can be assured that they will not be excluded from the benefits of national development. They can look forward to a future in which their inherent dignity will be respected and their rights promoted and defended.

My Government will work to improve the livelihoods of persons with disabilities. We will ensure that they are not subject to discrimination in employment and that greater emphasis is placed on providing medical and therapeutic care. They will qualify for government house lots and we will also provide greater opportunities for them to participate more meaningfully in national development.

As Guyana joins with the rest of the international community in celebrating International Day for Persons with Disabilities 2020, I assure them that my Government has their best interests at heart. We will do all that is within our means to continuously promote and defend their rights and to secure, for them, enhanced economic opportunities.
I thank you.