Georgetown, Guyana (May 23, 2020): The Ministry of the Presidency firmly rejects the falsehoods contained in a fallacious letter written by Mr. Kit Nascimento titled, “Granger is not innocent of attempt to force rigged elections on Guyana” and published in today’s edition of the Guyana Times.

Mr. Nascimento, in his Letter to the Editor, asserts several untruths and numerous inaccuracies that were clearly designed to besmirch the good name of President David Granger and to foster hatred for him in the society.

While Mr Nascimento is free to champion his own views, the Ministry takes umbrage with the Guyana Times for disseminating those falsehoods into the public domain. The onus is on the paper’s editors and publishers to ensure that it first checks facts before rushing to publication, and to ensure that it does not spread misinformation about the sitting Head of State.

Among the untruths in Mr. Nascimento’s letter is that President Granger arrived at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC) on Sunday, May 17, 2020, surrounded by “massive security” and Ministers as he “imposed his Presidential presence on the GECOM recount process.”

Mr. Nascimento and the Guyana Times must know that President Granger remains President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana until another President is sworn in. He is, therefore, entitled to travel with the requisite security detail that is determined by the Special Protective Service.

President Granger arrived at the Conference Centre with his usual security detail. No additional security measures were put in place to facilitate this visit. Video footage can corroborate this. The Guyana Times representative who covered the President’s visit can also attest to this.

While at the Conference Centre, the President met with Chairman of the Elections Commission, Justice (ret’d) Claudette Singh; Chief Elections Officer (CEO) Mr. Keith Lowenfield; his Deputy Ms. Roxanne Myers and other officials of the Commission. The President met also with the CARICOM high level team.

President Granger, after his walk through at the ACCC, later held a press briefing at the National Aquatic Centre located across the road from the Conference Centre.

Mr. Nascimento claims, in his letter, that the Head of State was [obliged by] “the Chairman of GECOM to join him at his side”. This is patently false. The President was not accompanied by Justice Singh at the press briefing.

Mr. Nascimento peddled this untruth and the Guyana Times, despite, having its own representative at the press briefing, with whom the paper can certainly check, published this lie.

The President’s engagement was also streamed live by most, if not all, the journalists at the press conference so it is bizarre that the Guyana Times would blatantly publish such misinformation.

The Ministry strongly condemns this lie and is calling on both Mr. Nascimento and the Guyana Times to issue an apology to President Granger and the Chairman of the Elections Commission.

Mr. Nascimento’s claims that the President refused to answer questions is also a falsehood and the Ministry encourages him to recall correctly, the events of the press conference. Mr. Nascimento seems to be confused. The Ministry suggests that he tries to appreciate that there is a difference between the President’s answers not suiting him and the lack of a response.

Mr. Nascimento’s blatant attempts to twist the words uttered by the Head of State, again, reveal his narrow political motives at the expense of the truth. Mr. Nascimento has not presented a shred of evidence to support any of his assertions against the sitting Head of State and should therefore, desist from making spurious claims.

A national recount of ballots is currently ongoing and Mr. Nascimento, like all Guyanese, must respect the process and await the outcome.

The Ministry of the Presidency urges Mr. Nascimento and all right-thinking Guyanese to refrain from attacking the good character of the President. President Granger remains the President.

President Granger maintains that he has respect for Justice Singh and will abide by the decision of the Elections Commission.

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