Workers are the nation’s heroes

Working people of Guyana, today, are conducting a courageous campaign against the deadly CoronavirusDisease 2019 (COVID-19). Health-care workers – including doctors, nurses, technicians and other medical professionals and the security forces – are on the frontline to prevent the spread of the disease, to protect the population and to provide care and treatment to those who have been infected.

Workers in essential and public services are continuing to provide critical support to the rest of the population while others are working from homeor embracing measures to avoid or contain the spread of the virus.

Workers and servicemen are our heroes in this campaign. A grateful nation salutes the efforts of workers who are playing their part to keep our country safe. Your Government is not unmindful of the difficulties caused by the social restrictions which have been enforced since the outbreak of the disease in Guyana. The situation would have been worse without those measures which are necessary to protect us all.

Workers and servicemen should be confident that, together, we can overcome the perils of this pandemic. We urge everyone to contribute to the effort so that the country could be restored to normalcy as soon as possible. The National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF) in the Ministry of the Presidency and the Ministry of Public Health are daily strengthening their organisation and intensifying their operations to provide support to vulnerable groups. Public health is paramount.

Workers can be assured that their Government will continue to work assiduously to restore normalcy in administration, agriculture, business, construction, commerce, education, industry and the other productive sectors.

The nation pays tribute to the courageous workers who go forth every day to continue to produce goods and services and to protect our people. The nation extends its gratitude to all workers on the occasion of Labour Day.

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