Easter is the most sacred Christian festival. It celebrates Jesus’s resurrection – the most important event in Christianity – which is the core of Jesus’s message, ministry and mission on earth.

The Holy Gospel recounts Jesus’s betrayal, arrest, trial, suffering, crucifixion, burial and glorious resurrection. It commemorates, also, the promise of the redemption of mankind through the sacrifice of his life.

Jesus’s death was a source of great anguish for his disciples, who were plunged into deep despondency. The promises of his ministry on earth seemed to be doomed; hopes were dashed; the prospects of proselytizing the gentiles were halted.

Jesus’s miraculous resurrection on the third day, at Easter, dispelled the darkness of despair and doubt. It reignited hope for the devout.

Easter is a celebration of that hope. It recalls the triumph of Jesus’s life over death. It reasserts the power of hope over fear and that the dawn of daylight will come at the end of the darkest night.

Easter this year, when kites should have been soaring in Guyanese skies and when families should have been outdoors picnicking and socializing with friends, most of us will remain indoors. Except for our country’s doctors, nurses and medical personnel and police officers and those involved in essential services, most of us will remain at home and in a subdued and reflective mood because of the threat of the formidable COVID-19 coronavirus disease.

The disease will prevail only if we lose hope and only if we fail to act responsibly. We must not submit to despair.

Easter’s message reassures us that hope is inextinguishable.It reminds us of our duty to each other. It urges us to heed Jesus’s prescription to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

Easter reignites hope that the Guyanese people can, and will, overcome the COVID-19 coronavirus disease. Let us act responsibly in the days ahead and comply with the public health directives which are aimed at protecting all of us.

I wish every Guyanese a happy Easter!

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