Georgetown, Guyana – (January 20, 2020) The Ministry of the Presidency condemns as deliberately false and misleading an article titled “Dishonesty, indecency and no integrity are hallmarks of the Granger-led APNU+AFC” penned by Dr. Leslie Ramsammy and published in the Letter columns in the January 18, 2020 edition of the Kaieteur News and as an optional editorial published in the January 16, 2020 edition of the Citizens’ Report, where he chronicled a series of falsehoods about President David Granger.

The Ministry also takes umbrage at the news publications for disseminating Dr. Ramsammy’s missive in the public domain, clearly without care or concern for the numerous falsehoods within and again shirking their responsibility to ensure that they check facts and content before rushing to publication.

Dr. Ramsammy’s missive seems perfectly timed to not only spread misinformation, but to cause confusion in the society and to foster hatred for the legitimate President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

Dr. Ramsammy’s utterances must be condemned by all right-thinking sections of the society as anything less would indicate acceptance for the Office of the Presidency and the sitting Head of State to be treated with scant regard, all aimed at creating mischief in the society, during what is often a tense period in our nation’s history.

The Ministry of the Presidency would also like to present the facts about the numerous falsehoods penned by Dr. Ramsammy.

First, President Granger does not direct or interfere in the discussions or consultations on the tuition fees charged at the University of Guyana (UG). This decision is made solely by the duly constituted UG Council. The David Granger-led administration has enabled the University to conduct its business without interference.

This is a stark difference to what obtained under the previous administration which in July and August 2014, “approved” the hike in tuition fees at UG.

Second, Dr. Ramsammy’s claim that President Granger said, some months ago, that he was too “busy” to submit his declarations to the Integrity Commission and “has not been able to adhere to the law” is a bold lie.

The Ministry of the Presidency is again concerned that several media houses, without making basic checks, again, published such a libellous statement about the sitting Head of State.

It is unsurprising that Dr. Ramsammy would pen this drivel as his narrow, political motives are well-known and his conduct while in public office often revealed a dearth of integrity.

At no time did the Head of State say that he was too busy to adhere to the Laws of Guyana.

In fact, when asked whether he had made his declarations, on the side-lines of an event held at the MoTP on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, the Head of State said:

“I have not submitted all of my declarations. [The documents] are taking some time. But I am in touch with (the Commission). The Commission has heard from me.”

The Ministry is, therefore, calling for an apology and retraction from the Citizens’ Report and the Kaieteur News for rushing to publish a news item, that without any basis, casts aspersions upon the character of the sitting Head of State and accuses him of breaking the law.

The MoTP is also concerned that Dr. Ramsammy would seek to discredit, again without any basis, the plans to be implemented during the ‘Decade of Development’. The President has repeatedly articulated his vision for the next ten years and outlined a ten-point Plan of Action detailing how the Government will institute programmes across all sectors across the Ten Administrative Regions to enhance the lives and livelihoods of all Guyanese.

Dr. Ramsammy’s claim also that all documents related to the Durban Park project have been hidden is false and the MoTP is calling for an immediate retraction. It must be noted that this Project is being investigated by the Office of the Auditor General and at no point did that Office reveal any difficulty accessing information or made accusations that documents were being withheld or hidden. One document that the Office said it had been waiting to be delivered, was submitted in February 2019, by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

The Minister of Finance has already discredited claims that the President will benefit from a salary increase. The MoTP fails to understand Dr. Ramsammy’s claims as the Minister himself has already provided a full and public disclosure on this matter.

The MoTP is, therefore, calling on Dr. Ramsammy to withdraw his spurious, malicious and libellous claims and is urging him to, immediately, stop peddling lies to the population.

Further, the Ministry is calling on the media entities to retract their publishing of Dr. Ramsammy’s missive as it contains several falsehoods peddled against President Granger.

The Ministry of the Presidency condemns in the strongest possible terms, the publishing of untruths, dangerous propaganda and misleading information, as it could create unrest in the society by fostering resentment among citizens towards the Head of State and Government.

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