Peace, goodwill toward men

The Holy Festival of Christmas celebrates the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. His birth was a fulfilment of a prophecy foretold, centuries earlier, in the Book of Isaiah in the Holy Bible.

Christmas represents the promise of peace, an eternal and universal human aspiration. The Gospel of St. Luke in the Holy Bible reminds us that, on the night of Jesus’s birth, angels proclaimed: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Christmas recalls that Christ was born into a family. Jesus came into the world as a baby, born into a family, He belonged to a model family…the holy family. The family is a divine creation which must be protected.

Christmas is a time to strengthen the bonds of fraternity, friendship and family-hood. It is a time for family reunions and for spreading cheer by exchanging gifts, visiting friends, attending church, sending greeting cards, singing carols and sharing dinners within the home and community.

Christmas reminds us of our duty to each other, particularly the nurses, soldiers, policemen and other working people who will spend Christmas away from their families and homes. We are reminded, also, of the plight of the poor, the weak, the destitute and those who are sick, in grief and in need, at this time. We are all part of society.

Guyana is in a better place at this time. The future is bright. Things will get better in the months, years and decade ahead. Citizens’ quality of life will continue to improve. Everyone – regardless of class, ethnicity, gender or place of residence – will benefit from the continued growth and development in our country.

The Holy Festival of Christmas is an opportunity to strengthen the bonds which unite us – as a family, community and country. Let us be the agents for promoting peace and bearing goodwill to all. Let us ensure peace, goodwill and safety in our homes, on the roadways and in our communities.

A happy and peaceful Christmas to all Guyanese!

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