Georgetown, Guyana – (December 20, 2019) The Ministry of the Presidency firmly rejects and condemns the dishonest, malicious and wicked remarks reportedly made by former President Bharrat Jadgeo, now Opposition Leader, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo during his recent campaign appearances in North America.

Mr. Jagdeo, while in North America, made statements aimed at besmirching the character and reputation of President David Granger. The fallacious statements told by Mr. Jagdeo, who has proven himself to be consistently malicious in his utterances about the Head of State, were patently designed to create mischief and mistrust among citizens in Guyana and within the Diaspora.

The Opposition Leader said the Chetwynd Learning Centre, named after President Granger’s father and located at Lot 5 Thorne Drive, Durban Backlands, Georgetown, is the recipient of state funds. This is farthest from the truth.

The Chetwynd Learning Centre, as the name suggests, is a Centre for learning. The Centre provides information technology services to young people particularly, the awardees of the Burnham Education Scholarship Trust (BEST) and the Sophia Literacy Project all aimed at supporting the delivery of education while providing opportunities for self-empowering learning and creativity.

The Centre located at President Granger’s former home and dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the ideas and philosophies related to education, houses the Burnham Book Trust, the Burnham Research Institute and the BEST, is supported by the Guyana Association of Georgia (GAOG).

During a visit by President Granger to the State of Georgia, United States of America in 2017, the Guyana Association of Georgia adopted the Chetwynd Learning Centre and supported ten regional Burnham Education Scholarship Trust (BEST) awardees.

Only recently, the GAOG, in addition to its continuous support, presented twenty-six laptop computers, two laser printers, a public address system (PA System) and a 55-inch flat screen television to the Centre.

President Granger has repeatedly said that the Chetwynd Learning Centre “education is an entitlement”. In 2017, at its launch, President Granger said the Centre was opened to provide a public good while emphasising that it is not a political party campaign office.
“As our resources permit, all three agencies will be open to a wider range of Guyanese citizens. In years to come I would like to see similar centres in every town in this country. This is not a substitute, it is a supplement to the educational system,” the President said.

The Centre allows young people to access a venue where they can access the internet, do their homework and conduct research.

The Opposition Leader must be reminded that he is the holder of a constitutional office and must act responsibly. Mr. Jagdeo has the public responsibility to be truthful and not use his office to spread untruths.

Mr. Jagdeo during his North American visit maliciously and spuriously accused President Granger of using state funds to rehabilitate and install a swimming pool and other ‘fancy things’ at his private residence located at Pearl, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

The Pearl, EBD house as referenced by the Opposition Leader was built by President Granger’s brother, Ceasare Francis ‘Frank’ Granger 27 years ago. The property has no swimming pool as alleged by Mr. Jadgeo and was rehabilitated by President Granger at his own expense after his brother died in September 2017.

Mr. Jagdeo must be reminded that it was under his presidency that the January 2011 report by the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) said that “Stagnation, violence, corruption, arch-sectarianism, and unfettered crime – is the heritage that President Bharrat Jagdeo will bequeath to his country.”

The Ministry of the Presidency calls on the Leader of the Opposition who is quoted as making spurious claims without providing any evidence or proof, to be honest in his public statements instead of spreading untruths to aid his desperate campaign to besmirch the character of President David Granger.

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