Georgetown, Guyana – (November 17, 2019) President David Granger, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, this afternoon, declared open the Annual Inter-Services Swimming and Athletics Championship at the Base Camp Ayanganna Playfield.
In his address to the members of the Joint Services, the Head of State said that while the championship will bring personal rivalry, it is his fervent hope that it also promotes cooperation and collaboration between the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), the Guyana Police Force (GPF)and the Guyana Prison and Fire Services.
“At the level of your organisation, I know there is fierce rivalry among the services. This is good, but cooperation is as important as competition. When we cooperate, the rising tides lift all boats and so all of us benefit. So although I would like to see all the organisations do well, I feel confident that when each of the services, each of you, at the personal and organisational levels do well, the country as a whole will benefit. I would like to encourage the Chief of Staff and the Police to go into the regions and show the regions what the servicemen can do as well. Let us demonstrate what life in the services can be,” he said.
The Commander in Chief further noted that as participants strive for excellence in their respective athletic fields, so too must they endeavour to be their best personally and professionally.
“I am confident that each one of you would do your best. Events like this glorify the champions and we would like to see you doing your best for yourself, your families and your services. Today I urge you to do your personal best, do your best for your organisation and do the best for your country and let us hope that in the years to come, people will speak about the Disciplined Services when they talk about quality sports,” he expressed.
Following the opening of the games, the GDF and the GPF tied for the first-place position for the March Pass while the Guyana Fire Service took third and the Guyana Prison Service came in at fourth place.
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