Youman Nabi, 2019
I extend greetings to all Guyanese but, especially, to the Islamic community, on the sacred occasion of Youman Nabi.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (On whom be Peace) birth is commemorated on the occasion of Youman Nabi. It is a day when Muslims and non-Muslims recall his life and labours and reflect on his total obedience to God as evinced in his ideals, teachings and service to humanity.

The Holy Prophet (On whom be Peace) taught by example. He preached mutual understanding and respect. He showed compassion, kindness and love towards others. These virtues strengthen human relations and foster happy households, happy families and happy communities.

The Holy Prophet’s (On whom be Peace) exemplary life of working together to build a gentler more genial world – characterized by the values of compassion and grace and in which differences are respected – should be contemplated by all Guyanese, on this sacred day.

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