National Day of the United Mexican States

I have the honour, on behalf of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, to extend congratulations to His Excellency Andrés Manuel López Obrador and to the Government and people of the United Mexican States on the occasion of the 209th anniversary of Mexican Independence.

‘The Grito de Dolores’ of 16th of September 1810, which initially inspired ordinary folk to revolt against the Spanish Empire, ignited the War of Mexican Independence. The ‘Grito’ has resounded for two hundred and nine years as an eternal encouragement to generations of Mexicans to preserve their hard-won Independence.

Guyana and Mexico have enjoyed cordial relations for over four decades. We remain committed, as states of the greater Caribbean, to work together to preserve the hemisphere as a zone of peace.

Guyana and Mexico are committed, also, to mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs and mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. These are essential elements of respectful international relations and the foundation for the maintenance of regional peace and security.

The Fourth CARICOM-Mexico Summit held in Belize on 25th October 2017, attended by President Enrique Peña Nieto and Caribbean Heads of State and Government, served as a forum to strengthen the relations of the Caribbean Basin.

Mexico remains the single, largest export destination for Guyana’s rice. We are open to exploring export avenues for traditional and non- traditional products in order to strengthen initiatives aimed at increasing bilateral trade.

Guyana looks to friendly regional states such as Mexico for cooperation as it establishes the regulatory framework to govern the emerging petroleum sector. The three Memoranda of Understanding concluded on 15th March 2017 with the Mexican Institute of Petroleum will assist in building much needed capacity in the sector.

Guyana records its appreciation for Mexico’s support in providing scholarships – specifically in the fields of advanced Agriculture and Civil Engineering, Biology; the genetic enhancement of coconut and other training programmes. We look forward to continued cooperation with Mexico to strengthen our human resource capacity.

Guyana and Mexico have implemented technical cooperation programmes in the fields of disaster management. The devastating effects of hurricanes and the wildfires necessitate continued collaboration in pursuit of the objective of the adaptation and mitigation of the adverse effects of climate change.

Guyana and Mexico have been recognized for their environmental policies. Mexico has been ranked as one of the world’s leading ecosystems. Guyana, recently, was listed among the hemisphere’s leading ecotourism destinations. Guyana is committed to the implementation of policies that promote sustainable growth and development.

Guyana’s Green State Development Strategy aims at the preservation of its environment. Much emphasis has been placed on the protection of the environment, the preservation of its biodiversity, the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources and the adoption of practical measures to ensure climate adaptation.

Excellency, I was honoured to welcome you to Guyana and accept your Letters of Credence less than one week ago. I am pleased to be here this evening, at the outset of your tenure, to celebrate this significant milestone in the history of your nation.

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask that you join me in a toast to the health of His Excellency President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to the prosperity of the people of the United Mexican States and to the continued relations and friendship between Guyana and Mexico. 

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