Georgetown, Guyana – (July 14, 2019) Minister of State, Mrs. Dawn Hastings- Williams, last evening, urged the graduating Class of 2019 of the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) Guyana Campus to use their skills to help build a better future for their country.

The Minister was at the time speaking at a cocktail reception held at the Herdmanston Lodge, in honour of the graduating class.

Themed ‘Rising from the Valley: Equipped to overcome mountains’, the Minister said she is certain that many of the students had to overcome their own challenges to complete their degrees. She, therefore, congratulated them on their will and determination to excel.

“I am more than certain that I am standing in the midst of conquerors and warriors of life who have had to defeat a series of obstacles and circumstances to realize their most recent achievement; gaining your professional degree. The theme is well chosen and climbing mountains requires money, determination, patience and physical fitness. There is a desire for accomplishment and to obtain a sense of satisfaction. Many persons begin their academic life but only those who are equipped to climb that mountain make it. At times, the avalanche of financials problems hits some students; in other cases, the frostbite of personal problems can be the reason students drop out of University and the list goes on but those who made it, persevered until the end. You have made it and we are now able to celebrate with you,” she said.

Minister Hastings- Williams told the graduates that the knowledge gained can positively impact the development and progress of their church, community, country and the Caribbean and by extension, to a better world.

“The mountain of higher education should be sought to be climbed every year because it is seen as the pathway towards social mobility, higher quality of life, the source from where ideas, novelty, creativity, innovation and technology are harboured and nurtures for a better future for humanity. Continue to make Guyana proud. Within you lies the best potential for greatness and I pray that you continue to contribute to a better world through honest, strategic and diligent product of your work,” she said.

The USC has been molding the minds of professionals in the Caribbean since 1927 and in Guyana since 2006. She noted that to date, the University has contributed to the development and progress of Guyana by equipping a total of 63 graduates in the fields of Management, Psychology, Behavioural Science, Education, English and Theology. On the other hand, USC has produced 34 Master degree holders in the fields of Theology, Education and Psychology.

“The University is a product of Christian education with strong moral values and convictions that prepare professionals not only with the professional skills required to be outstanding in their area of specialization but to be ethical, transparent and accountable in all their deeds due to their commitment to a higher power than the earthly one,” she said.

Guest Speaker and Provost for the evening, Dr. Leon Wilson, in his brief remarks to the graduates, urged them to remember where they came from and to continue to give back to their communities and country in the best way they can.

“I want to challenge you, the graduates not to stop, go as far as you can and continue to cover all the ground that you can. Guyana needs it and the world needs it,” he said.

The USC is a private, co-educational institution operated by the Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh Day Adventists. Its main campus is housed in Maracas Valley, Trinidad. This year 17 students from Guyana are graduating at the 86th convocation ceremony.

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