Georgetown, Guyana – (July 4, 2019) First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, today, encouraged 29 youth at a workshop titled “Professional Image Grooming” to pursue higher education so that they can capitalise on the opportunities in Guyana’s oil industry. The workshop was held at the Georgetown Club.

“You [will] inherit this beautiful country of ours called Guyana and you must prepare yourself to develop it in a sustainable and equitable manner. We are looking at everyone sharing in a piece of this pie, the prospects are huge, we are at the beginning of the expansion of our oil and gas sector,” Mrs. Granger said.

The First Lady further noted that Guyana is committed to sustainable development and employment opportunities will abound across all of the sector.

“That doesn’t mean that everybody has to run into oil and gas; think about the supply chain, think about the importance of food (Agriculture)…If we look at the world today food security is going to be a key factor. Another resource with which we are blessed is water, and that is going to be another critical area… the access to potable water,” she said.

Meanwhile, in an invited comment Mr. Orwin Hunte, a work study student from the Central High School said he was glad that he participated in the workshop. An aspiring civil engineer who is attached to Power Producers and Distributers Incorporated, one of the sponsors of the event, Mr. Hunte said the discussions on team work in particular, peaked his interest.

“I learnt a lot today and like in the topic team work in the electrical field; it’s not a one-man thing, so as a team when you go out into the field we can do better and make Guyana proud… One of the points I would like to highlight is when [the First Lady] spoke about the oil industry… civil engineering plays a role in it and in the next years we will use the resources that we have to enhance the country as a main attractive area,” he said.

Students of the Bishops’ High School, the St. Joseph High School, North Georgetown Secondary School and the Brickdam Secondary School also attended the workshop.

The non-governmental organisation Luminous Women also sponsored the event.

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