Georgetown, Guyana – (May 23, 2019) Minister within the Ministry of the Presidency with responsibility for Youth Affairs, Ms. Simona Broomes charged the Grades 10 and 11 students of the Valmiki Vidyalaya High School to make the best of the educational opportunities offered to them and to work towards achieving their goals. The Minister made these statements in her feature remarks observance of Youth Week 2019 at the school. Mayor of Georgetown, His Worship Ubraj Narine also attended the function.

Minster Broomes encouraged the students to capitalise on every opportunity to learn, pointing out to them that creating an “education nation” continues to be among President David Granger’s priorities.

“Any opportunities offered by this Government for youths will be embedded in equality. We want our youth to be well rounded and well educated. The opportunities that present itself now in Guyana were not there before and you as young people, you have to be educated to take [over] this country,” she said.

The Minister also lauded the teachers at the school and those across the country for their sacrifices and efforts to mould the nation’s children, noting that too often their labours go unrecognised.

In addition, she pledged to donate a quantity of table tennis gear to the school’s Physical Education Department and to liaise with Director of Sports, Mr. Christopher Jones to facilitate a closer relationship with the school.

Meanwhile, Deputy Headmaster at the school, Mr. Yogesh Mathoo expressed gratitude to Minister Broomes for accepting the school’s invitation. He noted too that he was pleased that she impressed upon the students the importance of being well rounded as it reflects the school’s motto and vision.

“The aim of these activities is to widen the perspective of the students… so I applaud you Minster and by extension the Government, for the effort expended to put plans and initiatives in place and in perspective for youths… any Government that is willing to work with the youths must be commended,” he said.

Grade 11 student, Master Kumarraji Adrian Narine, in an invited comment, said that he was impressed that Minister Broomes took time to interact with the students. “I think my fellow students were quite pleased myself included, at the interactions with Minster Broomes and Mayor Narine. Everyone’s questions were answered and I think that the Government should continue doing what they are doing by visiting schools and finding out their needs and working together,” he said.

Master Rashi Singh, a Grade II student also welcomed the interaction. “I think how Minster Simona Broomes interacted with us was very nice and having the presence of a Minster was appreciated and I look forward to the donation that she will make,” he said.

The school then presented Minister Broomes with a bouquet of flowers in appreciation of her visit.

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