Georgetown, Guyana – (May 6, 2019) First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, this afternoon, said that parents must demonstrate the values and virtues that they wish to see their children emulate, which can contribute to the development of a more genial and cohesive society. The First Lady was at the time delivering remarks to open the Salvation Army Women Ministries Annual Funfair at the Guyana Girls Guides Ground, Brickdam. The fair is being hosted under the theme “Today’s Children, tomorrow’s Leaders”.

“A child who grows surrounded by violence… will believe that violence is normal and acceptable…. [while] a child who is taught discipline will recognise the value of rules and regulations,” the First Lady said.

Mrs. Granger also underscored the importance of education to a child’s development as it impacts directly a child’s ability to be a productive citizen.

[Children] must be literate and numerate… They must have knowledge of Information Communication Technology, which play an increasingly significant role in our lives; [and] they must learn to protect our resources so that our country may develop sustainably,” the First Lady said.

The annual fair is held to raise funds for the Salvation Army’s School Feeding Programme. According to Divisional Director of the Women’s Ministries, Major Mireille Saint-Lot, the school feeding programme provides 50 hot meals daily for children attending schools in Georgetown. The programme is administered at Salvation Army‘s headquarters at 237 Alexander Street, Lacytown, Georgetown. Major Saint-Lot said initially the feeding programme catered for elderly persons, but it was expanded to include children.

“A few years back we started with the children feeding programme as well… you will also find less fortunate persons passing on the road who do not have something to eat. They will step in and we will offer them a hot meal to eat,” she said.

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