Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla met President David Granger on Thursday, April 18. This is the fourth time that the Minister has seen the President since he has been undergoing medical treatment and evaluation in Cuba. He warmly congratulated the President on the state of his physical well-being and the completion of the cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

They reviewed President Granger’s visit to the Cuban National Zoological Park, the Botanic Garden of the University of Havana and the Escuela Taller de la Habana in Old Havana. They agreed that those first-hand engagements were extremely valuable and that they opened additional avenues of cooperation between Guyana and Cuba.

They agreed further that arrangements should be made through diplomatic channels for a Cuban technical team to travel to Guyana to engage their counterparts and to consider the possibility of collecting and cataloging specimens of Guyana’s flora and fauna.

President Granger explained to Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez that he was impressed with the skills training at Escuela Taller, especially in the areas of conservation and restoration of public and national buildings. It was agreed that the possibility of the transfer of technology which could be used in the restoration of Guyana’s wooden buildings should be pursued at the diplomatic level.

The matter of tourism, including multi-destination tourism, was also discussed and there was concurrence that this was another area for further cooperation between Guyana and Cuba which should be taken up through the usual diplomatic channels.

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