Georgetown, Guyana – (April 16, 2019) The Ministry of the Presidency outrightly rejects the malicious statements attributed to the executive members and supporters of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) that the Government of Guyana, through the Office of the President, has issued instructions to the Guyana Police Force to arrest the Leader of the Opposition.

The Ministry is making it pellucid that no such instruction was issued by the Head of State, any Minister of Government or any Government official.

The Government is of the view that the Constitution, to which every Guyanese is subjected, is supreme and if a violation has occurred, then by all means, the law must take its course. The Guyana Police Force must carry out its functions, without fear or favour.

The Ministry of the Presidency therefore, calls on the Opposition and its members who are making these spurious claims without providing any actual evidence or proof, to cease its campaign of spreading untruths and its paltry attempts to create division within the society.

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