The festival of friendship and fellowship

President David Granger: I extend best wishes to the people of Guyana on the occasion of the joyous festival of Holi (or Phagwah).

Holi is a spiritual event that recounts the adversities  of Prahalad, his unshakeable faith and his eventual triumph over the forces of destruction. 

Holi, also, is a secular event that signifies rebirth and regeneration. These are universal themes which are common to all the major religions in Guyana.

Holi ― a colourful and vibrant festival ― was introduced into Guyana by the Hindu migrants who came to work and live here one hundred and eighty one years ago. The festival, with its origins in Hindu and Indian culture, has become national in character and is celebrated across the country, engendering hope and an outpouring of happiness. 

Holi fosters the spirit of togetherness. It celebrates our shared humanity, without regard to social differences and divisions. It conveys a powerful message of friendship and fellowship. 

I encourage Guyanese everywhere to enjoy the festival of Holi and to celebrate the values of social cohesion and national unity by rejecting the forces of division.

I wish everyone “Happy Holi!


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