Georgetown, Guyana – (February 23, 2019) First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, yesterday, commended 41 young people from Linden, Upper Demerara-Berbice (Region 10), for completing an Information and Communication Technology workshop, noting that they have not only equipped themselves with a marketable skill, but one in which they can use to create their own employment. The First Lady made these remarks at the closing ceremony of the workshop, which was held at the Linden Enterprise Network in Mackenzie.

“If you know something, you know it; don’t be confined by social perceptions that you must not speak up when you’re aware of something. You have to learn to promote yourself in the modern world… technology is changing, jobs are becoming obsolete and I keep saying that the research shows that 90% of the jobs [that] women do will become obsolete, so decide where you want to be in the economic structure. Always open yourself to learning. Always open yourself to new experiences because anything you experience is something you can learn [from]” Mrs. Granger said.

National Data Management Authority, Senior Administrator, Mr. Marlon Pearson underscored this view. He also encouraged the graduates to expand on the knowledge that they have gained.

“Do not put yourself in the box. Step out of the box and look at how we can recreate what is already there, we live in an ever-changing world… Microsoft Office is just one productivity package; do not remain ever committed to only knowing Microsoft Office. You will be the ones [who] in the near future [will] represent Guyana by solving our problems and if it is local, locals can solve it… We can only share what we have, it is your task to move things forward,” he said.

Meanwhile, valedictorian Ms. Daicia Caesar encouraged her peers to focus on their goals and to challenge themselves to develop their knowledge in ICT. “The satisfaction that we derive from the path we choose greatly depends on our attitude towards it… we are technology natives born and educated in a technological world. The world we once new has now shrunken into a social network and we are the generation that will take technology to far new dimensions, we are the ones that will use technology to bring solutions to concerns such as global warming, conservation of natural resources and development of alternative energy sources,” she said. —PTO—

The training was held in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Protection’s Board of Industrial Training (BIT). BIT Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman, Mr. Richard Maughn and Mr. Donald Ainsworth, and Mayor of Linden, Her Worship, Ms. Waneka Arrindell also attended the ceremony.

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