Georgetown, Guyana — (August 8, 2018) First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, today, closed a two-day Robotics Camp, which was held at the West Demerara Secondary School, with a gift of a Robotics kit to the school’s emerging Robotics Club. The closing ceremony took place on the school’s campus in Pouderoyen, Essequibo Islands-West Demerara (Region Three).

Mrs. Granger, in her remarks, explained that the purpose behind her robotics camp is to help the young people of Guyana transition seamlessly into the world of work in the age of technology through exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). “[Robotics] is the wave of the future. This is where your jobs will be… The children of Guyana must be on the cusp of this new technology because they have to share in the progress in this country… The only way they can do that, to a large extent, is through their knowledge of computer science and STEM technology, particularly the concept of robotics,” she said.

The First Lady also encouraged the participants to think creatively when using their new skills so that they can positively contribute to society. “When you think about your robotics, think about the ways that these things can help your lives and the lives of the people [in the] communities [where] you live and [throughout] the country… This is the employment of the future. This is the wave of the future and it means that no child will be left behind because of perceived inability to tackle some of the problems in the academic subjects,” she said.

Regional Executive Officer of Region Three, Mr. Denis Jaikaran urged the participants to build on the teamwork established during the camp to contribute to the region’s development. “Teamwork allowed you ensure [that] you were able to achieve your objectives. Anything that [you] do, [you] must have the support that is necessary for [you] to work together… You have to, in every way, work cooperatively. You have to lend each other the kind of support that is necessary so that tasks given to [you all] can be completed in good time… I want you to ensure that you become the lead group in this Region to… manifest… what robotics is all about,” he said.

Head Master of West Demerara Secondary School, Mr. Harry Narine expressed gratitude to the First Lady for selecting the school to be a part of her Robotics camps. He noted that through the training, the students are now inspired to create their own robotics club, which will benefit the students in the new academic year.

Participant, Ms. Aaliyah Doris, in an invited comment said that young women should not be intimidated to explore the tech field. “I came here [on] the second day and I was playing with the parts and fixing them together… The best part was doing the [robotic] demonstration… We are equal. We both are, boys and girls… [Girls] should just go for it. If you want to do [robotics], you should just do it,” she said.

Participant, Ms. Shanauda Low-Koon, lauded the initiative as she noted that robotics can help young people diversify their career options. “It’s good because in the future… if you didn’t get a job, you [can] actually start forming groups, which will be able to help the youth… who are interested… to get out there and do something instead of being at home doing nothing… Form groups. Get friends. Come together and get some people [interested in] robotics,” she said.

The First Lady was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a school T-shirt as a token of appreciation.

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