Georgetown, Guyana – (June 29, 2018) President David Granger, yesterday, attended a Roundtable on the Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Programme, on the sidelines of the Sixth Assembly of the Global Environmental Facility (GEF).

The Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Programme is a regional initiative involving Brazil, Colombia and Peru. It aims at maintaining 73,000,000 hectares of forests, promoting sustainable land management and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The GEF initiative is intended to further strengthen biodiversity conservation, reduce deforestation, and improve community livelihoods.

During his address to Assembly, the Head of State called on the GEF to leverage the potential of contiguous states so as to contribute to solutions at the global level. He also urged the GEF to continue to work with sub-regions to confront common challenges.

The President spoke of the Guiana Shield which he noted, can, with international support and the combined efforts of the Shield’s six constituent members, contribute even more to transformational environmental change and can become a model of how the GEF can work successfully with small, medium and large-sized states.

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