Georgetown, Guyana – (May 23, 2018) Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon, today, received a courtesy call from Guyanese triple jumper, Mr. Troy Doris, Guyana’s who copped a gold medal at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games, held on the Gold Coast, Australia. During the meeting, the Minister pledged the Government of Guyana’s commitment to ensuring that athletes receive the best support systems to succeed in their disciplines.

Speaking with media operatives at his office, Minister Harmon said that members of Government, as well as Guyanese across the globe, were proud when they saw the Golden Arrowhead flying at the Games.  Noting that athletes make a nation proud, the Minister of State said that the Government will continue to support the development of Sport.  

“We always pledge our support for our athletes. We have actually awarded scholarships to many of our athletes who perform well here and many of them are doing exceedingly well. We want to continue to make that contribution because we believe that we have talent but it a matter of nurturing it and exposing it to better training facilities and once we do that, you can see Guyanese getting to the top. We want to promote that and we want to help them to get there because when we do that, they make the nation proud. They are not just doing these things for themselves; they are doing it for the nation. When you stand up there and see that flag up there at the Commonwealth Games and at the Olympic Games, it is a proud moment for all of Guyana so these athletes are doing something good for all of us,” he said.

Minister Harmon also praised and congratulated Mr. Doris, who he said is a sterling example to athletes and young people everywhere. He noted that it is his desire that young and upcoming athletes can look to him as a role model. 

“I believe that Mr. Doris’s example is a very powerful and poignant one. It allows for other athletes to believe that they can achieve as much as he can. It allows for them to aspire and I want to say to all, that they should look at Mr. Doris achievement as a springboard for your own achievement and I want to thank him for that example he has set for this generation of athletes. I admire him and I admire his humility. I believe that you are setting a good example it is not just about the sport, it is about the choices you make as a quality of lifestyle,” Minister Harmon said. 

Mr. Doris was accompanied by Mr. Christopher Jones, Director of Sport and also met with Ms. Abena Moore, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the Presidency. 


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