Georgetown, Guyana – (May 16, 2018)First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, yesterday, attended the launch of Eureka Medical Laboratories Incorporated’s “Fast Track” service, which is intended to serve the needs of busy clients on the go. Also present at the launch was Minister of Public Health, Ms. Volda Lawerence, who praised the private institution for the initiative, noting that the services provided support the goals of the Ministry of Public Health in its efforts towards promoting healthier Guyana.

“Eureka has recognised that our health needs must be adequately met since in the long run, a healthy nation is crucial to the sustainability of our economy and our country. Further, this move works directly in sync with the Ministry’s health vision, which seeks to make Guyanese the healthiest in the Caribbean but more importantly, supports the Ministry’s goal of making our people more conscious of their health so that regular checks to the health facilities becomes the norm rather than the exception; that wellness becomes the operative slogan in our society,” the Health Minister said.

This new initiative facilitates lab opening hours until 22:00 hours offering phlebotomy services at a small additional cost. The service will also be available during regular working hours for customers, who wish to avoid waiting in long queues, thus increasing the level of convenience the lab is able to offer.

The First Lady also praised the “Fast Track” initiative as she reminisced on the growth of the Organisation since it was opened in Guyana in 1995. “I think I can claim to be among Eureka’s earliest clients from the days when they had just opened and operated on the ground floor of the Swansea building in Waterloo Street. From those humble beginnings, branches of Eureka’s services have been established on the Essequibo Coast in Region Two [Pomeroon-Supenaam], at Region Three [Essequibo Islands-West Demerara], at Diamond in Region Four [Demerara-Mahaica], at Rose Hall and New Amsterdam in Region Six [East Berbice-Corentyne], at Bartica in Region Seven [Cuyuni-Mazaruni] and Linden in Region Ten [Upper Demerara-Berbice]. I think that makes Eureka unique as the only privately-owned medical laboratory providing its service to six of the ten administrative regions in Guyana,” she said.

Meanwhile, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eureka Medical Labs, Mr. Andrew Boyle, explained that the new service would allow busy clients to access the Lab’s phlebotomy services with minimal delay. He also noted that speed, security and privacy would be ensured with this new innovation.

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